Friday, January 11, 2008

Batman Returns!

As I said in the last post: not enough time-whew!

I spent most of today finishing my resident Batman fan's newest commission-hope you approve...;o)


Anonymous said...

Long day here too Neil - as ever a damned fine piece of Batman art - I really like how you've drawn his legs ( now I look at it again).

So what's next on the board compadre or is it a secret?!


Neil D Vokes said...

a sci fi piece-inspired by the old 50s/60s novels-left the design up to me actually-it'll be a gas...;o)

Neil D Vokes said...

oh-and a KONG film montage-classic version...;o)

Fred said...

I need to give some more thought to the subject for another Vokes piece...... oh just wait Vikes.... I WILL have all of your time....muahahahAHAHAHAH

Dan said...

My favorite part of this piece of art is the sweep of the Joker's gun as he tries to get to Bats. Pity the poor, replaceable henchmen that got in the way. Great look on the Gorshin-esque Riddler's face, too, like he's afraid to piss Bats off, all he wanted to do was rob the damn place!

Neil D Vokes said...

Youse guys are da bomb-which is a GOOD thing,right?

...thanks ;o)