Tuesday, August 31, 2010


 It occurred to me that one of the most enduring things about my involvement with EAGLE was the passion I saw from our fans - they wrote great fan letters to us,sent wonderful artwork (Bill Nichols and Troy Nixey are but two of the talented folk who have gone on to bigger and better things) and to this day I hear kind words about the comic (and pleas of "when are you doing a new book?!") here on FB or at cons.

 With that in mind I thought that it would be very cool to have quotes from those fans - their memories of reading it - in the reprint itself - after all it was their support and encouragement that kept us going thru those independent comic days of yore (and still does)

 So please, EAGLE fans one and all, send me your thoughts on the comic, either thru the FB message/mail (not in a comment thread to this, please) and/or my email addy -  ndv45@comcast.net - I cannot guarantee that all of them will be used (and probably they'll be edited depending on length) in the 1st volume, but if all goes well and we sell enough copies, they WILL be used eventually in future volumes...So start writing, my friends - I look forward to reading them...;o)
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