Saturday, February 16, 2008


The 1st of yet another ongoing feature here in the Blogosphere- i have produced so many individual pieces of art within the various steps i go thru to get to that final piece that many of them never see the light of day-layouts,concept sketches,finished pencils,designs,etc...

This is as good a place as any to them to you,dear reader-i hope you enjoy it...;o)

This first is a sketch i did of Dracula-one of many I've drawn thru the years-but this one was for the proposed adaptation Bob Tinnell and i were going to do-ARE going to do- i tried to get some Hammer DracuLee in there without doing an exact caricature:

this is a pencil page from PARLIAMENT OF JUSTICE-Mike Oeming and i did this book some 5 years ago now but it still gets me some very gratifying compliments:

Yet another favorite character of mine-JONNY DEMON-co created by Kurt Busiek way back at the start of our personal and professional relationship-a great concept that we had to condense into a story half it's size-we both promise to do it justice someday:

This is a page layout for a project that Oeming and i were going to do awhile ago-I'd tell you more but we may still get around to it-i wanna keep some mystery after all:

THE BLACK FOREST sketches-a favorite book of my fans and myself-this is one of the many concept sketches i did before starting the book:

a Catwoman pencil sketch done for a commission:

More to come...