Friday, July 30, 2010

New Stuff: Batman vs Dracula!

Let me tell you a story...

I did a 4 page sample back in the late '80s-while still freshly ensconced in the professional comics biz- of the Mike Mignola Batman (from GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT) vs another of my numerous takes on Count Dracula.

The sample got me NO work-at least on Batman (curses!) - but recently-upon straightening up my studio-i found the scans i made of the 4 pages (the originals...don't know) and was reminded that i always wanted to finish them someday...

...then I was asked recently to donate a Batman drawing to a Spanish Batman Art Exhibit - very honored to be included,I tried to come up with an idea-I know...Batman vs Dracula-YEAH- it was only later that i stumbled onto the idea of finishing the opening page of these samples for the Exhibit - perfect!

I began with the original scan from the '80s and then redrew a few things on the light board - then I inked it and did a inkwash over that...

...I hope you like what I came up with below...;o)

Bats All...Vokes!

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