Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Busy in Balty...

Well it was another great show in Baltimore thanks to Marc Nathan and his very friendly,helpful staff (always ready with a howdoyoudo,info,snacks,lunch,etc...) and all the wonderful fans (several EAGLE fans showed up to thank me for the old series-one even said i was a strong influence on him-poor boy- and they also berated me about not putting out new stories!) and my many friends in the biz (I managed to get a few minutes with old pal and legend, Nick Cardy-you couldn't ask for a more kind,generous,talented fella to call friend-he signed my copy of his new book NICK CARDY:BEHIND THE ART-which just so happened to include the pin up of Cotton he did for THE WICKED WEST! ...WOW...i was so frikkin honored-i got all verklempt.) and many more whose names would just make me a name dropper-but i luvs these guys-no bull...;o)

Can't wait till next year!



An unusual subject line for this blog, i admit, but it got your attention, didn't it?

My good buddy,David Zuzelo has asked me to help promote the rerelease of this highly sought after graphic novel- through Ghostwriter Publications- by infamous-and prolific- writer Guy N. Smith (i readily admit to owning several of his novels myself-oh the shame-the joyous pulpy reading shame ;o)

As this was asked by a friend and collegue (i've mentioned the project Z and i are working on in this blog before) and it is drawn by another old friend and fellow comics artist, Charlie Adlard, i had to mention it here in my humble blog.

Please take a peek at it if only out of curiousity...thanks...;o)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Time for a Quickie...

Much as i wish this referred to something else...ahem...i just wanted to let you know i'll be traveling to the annual Baltimore Comic Con tomorrow.

It's one of my favorite shows and i look forward to meeting up with old friends and new fans-if you're there please drop by my table and say hi!

I'll leave you with a little quick sketch (thus the subject line ;o) done for a fan:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Comics Industry for Obama

View my page on Comics Industry for Obama

I am by nature a very UNpolitical kinda guy- I believe my faith in our leaders severely declined in the 60s-Heck,growing up in the Viet Nam/draft/Watergate/Nixon era was traumatizing for a teeny bopper.

My point is that i usually ignore-best i can- anything to do with politics-but these last 8 years of the Bush Administration has forced me to start paying attention-and these NON STOP ads by Obama and McCain about the OTHER guy being wrong for our country are driving me postal!

I'm sorry to say that it feels like i'm choosing the lesser of two evils (tho McCain is doing his damndest to prove he does NOT belong in the White House) but i had to commit to a side.

So without going into any details about the whys and wherefores of my reasoning i decided to make a stand with some of my fellow Comics Industry peers- i won't be out campaigning or carrying placards at rallies or anything like that-yeesh-but i will put in my two cents on our future President by placing this entry in my blog.

Forgive me for getting all serious in what is essentially a very unserious forum,but i thought i needed to make my feelings known on this subject...for what it's worth.

The Envelope Please...

These pix are all done on envelopes-i have a fan who is a collector of stamps-limited edition type of stuff- he also gets artists like meself to do original drawings on envelopes.

For this most recent batch he asked me to do a Halloween theme with witch babes and monsters-there's even a Jersey Devil in one-enjoy...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wonder Woman Day 3

Last year i did a couple drawings for the annual Wonder Woman Day event...

I'll be doing a couple more this year-actually one's already done...

...it's a great cause and there will be a lot of great art and merchandise up for auction-check it out,lads n lasses...;o)


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dracula Returns...to my blog...;o)

Some of you may recall this piece i did awhile ago-it was an exercise to get comfy with doing the wash style i love so much- the reason i picked a drawing by Gene Colan (actually a couple pencil scans i found online that I inked over) was that his older Warren magazine stories (among others like Ditko,Frazetta,Craig and Adams) were some of the inspirations that led to me doing this kind of work myself.

I inked it in a brush style-tho brush is not my natural inclination-i need much more practice-because his pencils were so alive that almost ANY inkline would kill it's power.

What led to this particular post is that recently i was asked-among many others- to contribute something to a charity of sorts to help out the Colan family with their many health bills- i felt it would be the least i could do so i took part of the 1st drawing and redrew/inked it as a separate piece for the donation:

There are many artists who influenced me when growing up and it's only been the last few years where i began to realize how very much these gents meant to me-as a fan and as an artist...;o)