Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Busy in Balty...

Well it was another great show in Baltimore thanks to Marc Nathan and his very friendly,helpful staff (always ready with a howdoyoudo,info,snacks,lunch,etc...) and all the wonderful fans (several EAGLE fans showed up to thank me for the old series-one even said i was a strong influence on him-poor boy- and they also berated me about not putting out new stories!) and my many friends in the biz (I managed to get a few minutes with old pal and legend, Nick Cardy-you couldn't ask for a more kind,generous,talented fella to call friend-he signed my copy of his new book NICK CARDY:BEHIND THE ART-which just so happened to include the pin up of Cotton he did for THE WICKED WEST! ...WOW...i was so frikkin honored-i got all verklempt.) and many more whose names would just make me a name dropper-but i luvs these guys-no bull...;o)

Can't wait till next year!



An unusual subject line for this blog, i admit, but it got your attention, didn't it?

My good buddy,David Zuzelo has asked me to help promote the rerelease of this highly sought after graphic novel- through Ghostwriter Publications- by infamous-and prolific- writer Guy N. Smith (i readily admit to owning several of his novels myself-oh the shame-the joyous pulpy reading shame ;o)

As this was asked by a friend and collegue (i've mentioned the project Z and i are working on in this blog before) and it is drawn by another old friend and fellow comics artist, Charlie Adlard, i had to mention it here in my humble blog.

Please take a peek at it if only out of curiousity...thanks...;o)