Monday, February 4, 2008

Unpublished Projects...part 2

This art was for a Comico Primer cover,way back in the dawn of my career- I plotted a short story based on an idea i had for years before i got into the pro side of things-i also did the pencils-the bonus was that i somehow convinced Matt Wagner of GRENDAL fame to both dialog and ink it!

The story was finished-essentially a 1st chapter to a larger-i hoped-story,which never got published because Comico canceled the Primer book- looking back on it,I'm kinda glad it never was seen-but that's because I'm so critical of the artwork now-some well meaning friends want me to "publish" it here and I'm considering it-we'll see...;o)

PS- the art here is actually not the original way it looked-years later i pulled a "Lucas" and added a wash over it.