Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Iwas asked to do a in up for friend's Chris Mills and Joe Staton's online strip FEMME NOIR.

They're putting out a book with several stories and a few pin ups soon-now here's the amusing thing-to me- my first attempt was nicely done but very lazy on my part- i went ahead and did "my" version of the lead female character instead of appreciating the author's concept more thoroughly- thus, my "out of period" take on the gal.

OK-my bad-so i redrew the piece more to the atmosphere of old forties detective films,including several villain types in the design.

But something about the composition bothered me. more time.

This is the one i sent to Chris.

Happily he approved and i moved on with my life...:)

And here's another cover "reimagining" i did for a fan who once asked me to do my version of Spider-Man # 152 with Spidey battling the Shocker.

Here, ol web-head is in the midst of a hot battle with the Molten Man (note Spidey's right arm position-if I'm not mistaken-and it has been many years since i read this-he was fighting with a broken arm that ish so he kept his hand tucked into his "belt.")

More to come...