Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free Comic Book Day '09!

For the last 7 years-since the 1st SPIDER-MAN film,i think it was-comic shops across the country have been celebrating Free Comic Book Day.

Since the 1st FCBD,I have been a guest at the Captain Blue Hen shop in Newark,DE, thanks to my very cool and extremely generous hosts,Joe,Dani and Aeryn Murray.

This year-on Saturday,May 2nd-I'll be back in their most excellent store,signing books and doing free sketches,from about 12 to 5pm (i shall also have copies of my new book,EAGLE:THE ORIGINAL ADVENTURES) along with other luminaries of the comics world such as Mike Manley, Rich Faber and Jamar Nicholas.

Every year Joe has me do a piece that he makes copies of so that fans can have it signed-i usually do a shot of the character that the recent film was about-last year it was IRON MAN and this year of course it's of everybody's favorite short tempered X-Man, Wolverine (X-MEN ORIGINS:WOLVERINE opens on May 1st)

So here's the step by step of said piece-including an inkwash finish i did over the original which will be a door prize at the store...;o)

...That's All, Vokes...;o)

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