Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Comics Industry for Obama

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I am by nature a very UNpolitical kinda guy- I believe my faith in our leaders severely declined in the 60s-Heck,growing up in the Viet Nam/draft/Watergate/Nixon era was traumatizing for a teeny bopper.

My point is that i usually ignore-best i can- anything to do with politics-but these last 8 years of the Bush Administration has forced me to start paying attention-and these NON STOP ads by Obama and McCain about the OTHER guy being wrong for our country are driving me postal!

I'm sorry to say that it feels like i'm choosing the lesser of two evils (tho McCain is doing his damndest to prove he does NOT belong in the White House) but i had to commit to a side.

So without going into any details about the whys and wherefores of my reasoning i decided to make a stand with some of my fellow Comics Industry peers- i won't be out campaigning or carrying placards at rallies or anything like that-yeesh-but i will put in my two cents on our future President by placing this entry in my blog.

Forgive me for getting all serious in what is essentially a very unserious forum,but i thought i needed to make my feelings known on this subject...for what it's worth.

The Envelope Please...

These pix are all done on envelopes-i have a fan who is a collector of stamps-limited edition type of stuff- he also gets artists like meself to do original drawings on envelopes.

For this most recent batch he asked me to do a Halloween theme with witch babes and monsters-there's even a Jersey Devil in one-enjoy...