Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hammer & Beyond: 999 Challenge

What the heck am I talkin' about, you may ask?

Head on over to my good buddy (and fellow Hammer Films fanboy) Holger Haase's blog and read his newest entry...

could be fun...;o)

Let's see...

here's a VERY basic breakdown of 1st thoughts-this will need some expanding in the next few weeks before '09:

1- 9 western films (but only ones from the 90s-1990 to 1999- to keep a theme going here-westerns were virtually non existent by then-should be a challenge-lol )

2- 9 horror films (the same goes for these and the next couple film genres-this helps keep me more focused i think-besides, i haven't bothered with a whole lot of "new" films in the horror/comedy/sci fi/foreign genre-should be enlightening)

3- 9 comedies (same)

4- 9 Sci Fi films (same)

5- 9 foreign films (same)

6- 9 TV series on dvd (I'll keep it to one episode per show to be realistic -
i have at least nine box sets of various shows sitting amongst my dvd collection)

7- 9 books (i have more than nine on my "to read" shelf already-and just added more this Xmas!)

8- 9 albums/cds (again i want to try to listen to bands i haven't before-or at least paid little attention to-also between 1990 to 1999)

9- 9 chapters of a comic strip (i borrowed this idea from fellow blogger Davy Z) I'm not sure about what yet-something i haven't done before, i think-maybe semi autobiographical in nature?
as soon as i've picked the exact films,etc that will be on the list I'll update the entry...;o)

...wow-only 365 days to do all that...what shall i do with my free time-lol

Also keep an eye on my Blog list sidebar-it shows several blogs I'm following,including some that are in on the challenge!

That's All,Vokes!