Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dick Giordano R.I.P.

This is very sad news - like a beloved uncle dying - one of the greatest perks in becoming a pro in this industry was getting to know several of the guys i admired growing up- Dick was one of these.

As a hopeful comic artist back in the mid '80s i had many meetings with comics pros (trying to get work or at least advice)- one such meeting was with this man at DC Comics- he was already a legend at that point so just meeting him was an honor - he was attentive,friendly, helpful and just a nice guy- considering i was literally nobody (with little actual talent at that point) he was more than gracious (he spent a good hour with me)

Over time,after getting work at Comico Comics,i met up with Dick several more times (and his right hand "man" Pat Bastienne-she was also gracious and later in his life,she was the one who "yelled" at Dick what people were saying because he was quite hard of hearing) including picking him up and driving him to a Comico party (i was both honored and scared to death-what if i should get Dick Giordano killed in a car crash- just how i wanna be remembered-lol)

Tho I can't truly say we were ever close friends,we did have that unnameable bond the we pros have in this crazy biz - and if that was all we had i was blessed ...but I had a little bit more than I was doubly blessed...I'll miss him...;o)

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