Friday, March 12, 2010

New Stuff: WALPURGIS KNIGHT! (updated: 3.26.10)

Pages 1-8 of my 1st run thru of the Walpurgis Knight story by Jack Herman & myself (for Kerry Gammill's Bela Lugosi:Tales From the Grave) - it came out to 12 pages (I'm holding back the last 4 so as not to spoil the ending)

Problem is that the story was written as a 6 page tale...but Jack writes very densely and i needed more room (hell-i could of used 22 pages-lol) -may have to cut it back a bit...;o)

And here's the 1st page in pencil...

...and inked...

New Stuff: layouts to GORILLAS IN THE MIDST !

Layouts for a short story that Bob Tinnell and I were asked to do for Scott Wegener and Brian Clevinger's ATOMIC ROBO book...many years ago (my fault I'm afraid)

-it's actually 6 pages long but I've left out the 6th so as not to spoil the ending ...;o)