Thursday, November 11, 2010

DR. STRANGE: From the Marvel Vault #1!

Marvel is pleased to announce Doctor Strange: From The Marvel Vault #1, a new story about one of the most important missions of the sorcerer’s career! Written by legendary creator Roger Stern and penciled by artist extraordinaire Neil Vokes, this lost work chronicles the Sorcerer Supreme’s first night in his Greenwich Village brownstone...and his first mystical encounter there!


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dicecipher said...

I love the original look to Doctor Strange. Really looking forward to this.

Ade Salmon said...

Very nice - looks like I'll have to buy a modern comic ! :)

~P~ said...

It's about time this was released!

Over the years, I've seen scans of pages of this (and perhaps another "year one" type of Doc story you illustrated.

Good to know this is finally seeing print.

I'm buying 2 or 3 copies.
(might keep one cozy next to
Untold Tales of Spider-Man :Strange Encounters)


Neil D Vokes said...

Thanks all- I am probably more excited than everyone else I've shown these pages to about this because it was a huge disappointment to me when it got shelved 12 years ago-
I had come off the STRANGE ENCOUNTERS book with a personal high that was dizzying- not due to sales of the book (which basically tanked on the stands) but because I fulfilled a childhood dream of working on two of my favorite Ditko characters-I got to play with them in that lovely universe he created-
For me that thrill was only matched by the chance to work alongside perhaps the BEST team I've ever worked with (at least in the DC/MARVEL world of comics)-Kurt Busiek,Roger Stern,Jay Geldhof,Mark still can't believe it- but those lads helped make that book a true classic!
So when Roger came to me with this story about Doc's first time in his Sanctum Sanctorum,I jumped at the chance-Roger wrote the plot,I drew it and Jay once again turned my scribbles into beautiful line art...then...they cancelled the book it was to be in-DAMN- thru the years I showed copies of the finished art to fans and friends,sadly adding the fact that it will never see forward 12 years when I get a email from Roger saying he's scripting the story and it will published in a comic that will showcase several unpublished stories from the "Marvel Vault"...I am so happy this will finally be seen-it adds yet one more highlight to my 27 years in this crazy biz...

Brian said...

Very cool. I'll be sure to pick this when it, at long last, hits the stands.

Rick said...

I've always loved your work and Doctor Strange is a perfect character for your style. The pages look incredible and I will be sure to pick it up.