Saturday, January 19, 2008

Favorite Quotes...about me...;o)

As another potential regular feature of this blog,I thought I'd post several of my favorite quotes about myself and my work...

...I know-I know- posting quotes about oneself borders on pure egotism...well,actually it rests somewhere past the metal detector on the border of pure egotism-but these comments by friends,fans and critics are part of what gets me thru the dark side of being a creative personality-they reaffirm-they encourage-they provide that little extra pat on the back for doing a good job that we ALL need in life.

Besides,some are really fun to read (which is more a reflection on the writer than their subject ;o) - and some-like my lil bro Mikey's here-are just hilarious.

so without further ado...

"Neil Vokes is a man. A very white man. A very hairy (except for his head) white man. A very hairy, white horny man. A very hairy, white, horny man with a "Highlander" fixation. A very hairy, white horny man with a "Highlander" fixation who can draw.

He can draw like birds can fly, like the rain tap dances on your roof and like a sunset makes you sigh. In other words, its part of him. Drawing is a natural state for him.

Neil is a big, white, hairy horny guy with a "Highlander" fixation who can draw.

More than that, he's my friend-a mentor in many ways and someone I care about deeply.

So, if you come at him with suntan lotion, scissors, anti-Viagra or a thesis on the implausibility of "Highlander", I will kill you.

Neil is a great guy, and may Brian Blessed sit on anyone who says otherwise."

Neils pal,
Mike Avon Oeming

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