Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Here! Doctor Strange - From the Marvel Vaults!

It's finally here! After 12 years on the Marvel shelves,it's been dusted off,given a nice paint job and unleashed on the masses-get your copy today at comic shops near you...;o)

And check out my interview with Tom Mason  also...;o)


Gary Crutchley said...

Don't buy many Marvel comics these days but this is definitely a must buy.

Rich said...

This looked interesting when I picked it up in the comics shop ... then I looked inside and realized it was your long lost Dr Strange story! Amazing! What a pleasant surprise, like a Xmas gift delivered two months late (or ten months early, depending on your disposition)!

It was worth the wait ... although I hope Marvel doesn't make us wait another 20 years before pairing you and Roger Stern again. Congrats, Neil!

Neil D Vokes said...

Thanks,pal- this was a dream project (next to the UNTOLD TALES book we did before it) and I was bummed it was never gonna get released- a Xmas prezzie to me too-lol