Monday, February 28, 2011

Dr. Strange-reviews

A few quotes from several reviews of the Dr Strange-From the Marvel Vault book...

"When you think of a Dr Strange story, there are certain tropes you want to see on the page... Stern and Vokes deliver these story aspects in spades.This is Strange created the way you want him to be, like getting The Eagles to play Hotel California on repeat when you catch them in concert."

  Ryan K. Lindsay  --CBR 

"This one-shot won't change the world. But it did cheer up my evening. And that's not bad for a story we might never have seen." 

Too Dangerous For A Girl

"The Bad? ...Nada! Zilch! This issue is perfection, and I am just glad Marvel brought it out of the vault for us to enjoy." 

 Comic Vine 

"Doctor Strange: From the Marvel Vault conjures up 5 stars out of 5.  It's beyond solid."

Comic Vine

"All in all this issue is a great buy and a good story, and leaves you satisfied in the end. Even if you’ve never read Doctor Strange, like me, I suggest you give this book a read."

The Noob News

"There are several reasons why I liked this comic a lot. First, it's well drawn by Neil Vokes and Jay Geldhof. They manage to capture the feel of original Dr. Strange artist Steve Ditko without actually copying his style. The look is fresh, imaginative and lots of fun."

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sean wasielewski ( said...

Hi Neil. Sean W here (the guy with the 5X17 strips. Remember? You've done 3 for me!!!) Are you selling any of the art from the Dr. Strange book? Be ready to answer that question at the Wild Pig show! It was a very cool book! Take Care!

Neil D Vokes said...

I do remember,Sean- those were fun pieces to do- I'll have to disappoint you about the Doc pages tho- after 12 years in my files,they dwindled away to 2 last pages- one I sold just this Jan. - the other hangs on my wall- and I'm not sure I'd part with least no one has offered me enough to part with it ...yet...see ya at the Pig...;o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Neil. Sean again. Any chance we could arranged a nice 11X17 commission in advance of the wildpig show? Dr. Strange in a Ditko-verse? Maybe with Spider-Man lurking in there somewhere, kinda secondary? Let me know if you have the time and inclination and we can do some business!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my email is Thanks Neil, Sean W again

Rich H. said...

"The Bad? ...Nada! Zilch! This issue is perfection, and I am just glad Marvel brought it out of the vault for us to enjoy." -- Comic Vine

I disagree. The most egregious aspect of this book is that it's a one-shot. When I finished reading it, I felt a little sad, knowing that there aren't any more Stern/Vokes/Geldhof stories in Marvel's inventory.