Friday, September 9, 2011


My good buddy,Jim has confirmed that Eagle:The Original Adventures Vol 1 will be in stores on 9/28/11...WOO-HOO!

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Dave Myers said...


After 30+ years of collecting comics, I'd finally sworn them off for good. (I've got no more room for any more long boxes.) Only one thing could get me to set foot back in a comic shop, and here it was. Thanks for bringing back Eagle! I've been singing the praises of this series since day one. The comic combined so many familiar elements (Bruce Lee, War of the Worlds, Elric, etc.) but in such an fresh, orignal way. The art was always a step above the mainstream stuff. Copies were never easy to find, so I'd buy up a few extras just to give out to friends. I even collected his cameo appearances in other comics like Shuriken and The Dead Heat.

Nothing much has changed after all these years. I bought extra copies of the collection for Christmas presents! I wish you much success with introducing the character to a new generation and secretly hope for some new stories. (I can always buy another long box.)

Dave Myers