Monday, November 23, 2009

Zombie Bomb!

What is Zombie Bomb?

You may well ask-it's an upcoming anthology comic book ( due in January 2010 from Terminal Press & Rich Woodall) featuring many talented writers and artists all doing short stories on the popular (tho I still don't get it) theme of flesh hungry dead folk shuffling about with little on their "minds" save a good snack...;o)

I've already posted a pin up here that i drew for the book - now i want to show you a few pages from my 7 page story (only p1-5 as i don't want to give it all away-it is also yet to be lettered)

You can also see what the Zombie Bomb folk are up to over on their Facebook page...;o)


Miklós Felvidéki said...

This is great man! Keep up the good work!

shane oakley said...

mind if i swear - FUCKING HELL!
the pages are stunning.
such a time since i last saw you do sequentials, but you ain't lost your touch, in fact i'd say you've turned it up. there's a maturity, a more refined use of grey wash, more clarity and depth.
VERY impressed, neil. seeing these has brighteened up a dull, depressing week. BRAVO!
gush over, i'll shut up now.

Neil D Vokes said...

Geez,Shane - my wife is gonna have to try hard getting my feet back on the ground after that-I'm flying now-lol- you brightened a fairly bright already week for me- thanks,mate-i appreciate it...;o)

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