Monday, March 16, 2009

999 Challenge: update

starsOK- more stuff done (* = finished - 4 star system) i hope to sit down one day and write reviews soon as i can :

1. 9 Western films:
1990 -1999

*Dances with Wolves -4 stars
*Quigley Down Under -3 stars
*Maverick -3 stars
*Unforgiven -4 stars
*Tombstone -4 stars
*The Quick and the Dead -4 stars
Bad Girls
*Last of the Mohicans -4 stars
Geronimo: An American Legend
2. 9 Horror:

*Exorcist III -3 1/2 stars
*From Dusk Till Dawn -3 1/2 stars
Full Eclipse
House on Haunted Hill
*It -3 stars
*Shadowbuilder -3 stars
*Prophecy -4 stars
*Night of the Living Dead (Savini version) -3 stars
*Innocent Blood -3 stars
3. 9 Comedies:

*Dogma -3 1/2 stars
*My Cousin Vinny -4 stars
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
*Bowfinger -3 stars
*Spy Who Shagged Me -3 1/2 stars
Addams Family
*Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey -2 stars
*The Mask -3 1/2 stars
The Big Lebowski
4. 9 Sci Fi films:

*Soldier 3 1/2 stars
Deep Blue Sea
*Predator 2-3 1/2 stars
*Robocop 2 -2 1/2 stars
*Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace -2 1/2 stars
*Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country-3 stars
Alien 3 (dir. cut)
*Lost World: Jurassic Park 2 -2 1/2 stars
5. 9 Martial Arts:

Kickboxer 5
Full Contact
Once Upon a Time in China III
*Above the Law (Yuen Baio) -2 1/2 stars
*Fist of Legend -4 stars
*Police Story 2 -3 1/2 stars
*Rapid Fire -3 stars
*Showdown in Little Tokyo -3 stars
*High Voltage -3 stars
6. 9 TV series on dvd (one episode each):
(unfortunately not strictly following the 1990-1999 theme as most of the shows i tend to buy the dvds of aren't in that time frame ;o)

Sapphire and Steel
The Tick
The Persuaders
Dr. Who
Star Maidens
The Wild,Wild West
7. 9 books:

*A FORTUNATE LIFE (Robert Vaughn's autobiography) -3 1/2 stars
*MY WORD IS MY BOND (Roger Moore's autobiog) -4 stars
*ERNIE (Ernest Borgnine's autobiog) -4 stars
*UP TILL NOW by William Shatner (autobiog) -3 stars
*MY BORING-ASS LIFE by Kevin Smith -3 1/2 stars
VIDEODROME: Studies in the Horror Film by Tim Lucas
IN SPITE OF MYSELF (Christopher Plummer's autobiog)
*HAMMER FILMS:A LIFE IN PICTURES by Wayne Kinsey (i know this is primarily a photo book,with little text,but i wanted a Hammer related item on the list since it was originally Hammer and Beyond's Holger Hasse's idea) -4 stars
8. 9 albums/cds (again i want to try to listen to bands i haven't before-or at least paid little attention to-also between 1990 to 1999)
9. 9 chapters of a comic strip- I'm not sure yet-still working out a theme.

That's all...Vokes...;o)
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Robert J.E. Simpson said...

come on Neil, let's have some reviews... you've got to take the challenge head on!

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Holger Haase said...

Glad to see 999 is helping you focus.
Looks like you got visited by "Sexy" as well. S/he proves to be a real nuisance on pretty much any genre blog I frequent.