Monday, November 3, 2008

25 hour horror movie marathon!

My ETP bros (7 of us plus a film buddy from Philly) and i went to a 25 hour (DST added another hour to the event!) horror film marathon in Philly from 12 noon Saturday to 12 noon (technically 1pm) Sunday-wotta blast!

i am rather sore-back and knees-but then I'm also 54 years old-lol-but I'll say with pride i was in my seat the longest of my friends-drank no coffee (i don't anyway-i kept to water and a couple sips of Dr Pepper-so a little caffeine got into me about midnight-lol)-took no drugs (ok- a couple advil ;o) -and ate very little (a few "breakfast bars") - afterward i was ready for more!

today I'm gonna zone out and relax...and watch more movies!

here's the list of flix we saw-and no one knew what was on the list until we actually saw it onscreen (as my buds pointed out, very "mainstream", but lottsa fun when seen on the big screen-so rare nowadays-and with friends) :

The Fog- great "old school horror" from John Carpenter

Destroy All Monsters-ya hadda have an old Godzilla classic-even if it wasn't one of the best

Phantasm 2-not as good as the 1st but fun

Wicked Wicked-the first time ANY of us saw this "duovision" flik from the early 70s- but it became our top fave of the marathon because it was an unintentionally hilarious film-not a good movie by any stretch,but VERY entertaining ;o)

Nightmare on Elm Street-another classic-always a pleasure to see the "original" Freddy

The Incredible Shrinking Man-a great flik but a surprise because of it's vintage

The Boogey man-HORRID film but NOT entertaining-maybe my least fave

Fright Night- i ADORE this vampire classic-great choice

Dead and Buried-great,rarely seen horror by ALIEN writer Dan O'Bannon

Island of the Damned (Who Can Kill a Child)-the only "Euro horror" (which disappointed my ETP pals-after all,the group IS called the EUROTRASH PARADISE-lol) but a very good film-not an entertaining film on the level of a FOG or a PHANTASM but more thought provoking and uncomfortable due to it's subject matter

Equinox-not a good movie but fun in it's way-the one film that had the most technical difficulties-and few did-the fella running the projector did a great job!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2-no match for the original but pure,mindless,LOUD (very loud),gory "fun" -assuming that sorta thing entertains you-lol

Food of the Gods-AWFUL-a toss up for my least fave with Boogey Man

Return of Living Dead-a great finish to the show (the 2nd flik written by O'Bannon) -i would call this a classic as well's the next one?!


David A. Zuzelo said...

Good round up sir! I have to admit to loving THE BOOGEYMAN-probably because the TV spot scared me to death as a young DZ.
The Fog is so great-I think of it as The Americana Blind Dead flick.

Glad to see your opinion of TCM2, I really like that film. It flies in the face of being more of the same and goes for fun. Brutal fun at times-but hey-"It's a dawg eat dawg world. And from where I sit, there just ain't enough damn dawgs!"

I missed you fellas, I must admit. Every twitter from DT's phone was a welcome thing.

Dan said...

Great recap Neil. Though I must admit I'm surprised by your take on TCM 2. I loathe the flick and have ever since I saw it when it was released in 86. I don't find anything redeeming about it, just a mindless mess of screaming, wretched performances, and a complete miscalculation of what made the original such a great, creepy masterpiece. Glad you had fun and depending on the timing of next year (hoping they resist the urge to do it ON Halloween weekend as that would prevent me from going) I look forward to doing it again.

nvokes said...

well,let me elaborate a little-iif i had a choice of which TCM to see i'd pick the original- it's a better film in many ways- and i would never buy a copy of TCM 2 to the time that came on and in the slowly fading condition i was in,it was just the sorta flik i "needed" to revive me - and i think it's kinda funny that the film with the most blood and gore shown on their list of 14-well done or no-was more enjoyed by me-Mr sensitive- than by you blood and guts fans-but i get why u don't like it,DT...;o)

Douglas A. Waltz said...

I thought TCM 2 was one of the best comedies of it's time. Hooper realized that he had already done a legendary horror flick and that any other attempt would pale in comparison. Just look at his other attempts at horror. This is pure comedy. And I must applaud you sir becuase while I love Equinox that late in the line up would have put me to sleep. The middle of that flick is so damned dull! Maybe it's different in a theater full of people. Oh and if I hadn't made this clear, I want that monster comic. NOW! :0)

rich said...

Where was the marathon held? Was it a public event??

nvokes said...

i thought i mentioned this info- it was an Exhumed Films event (see their website)-their 3rd annual-held at the International House in Philly-near the University

Ron Zoso said...

That sounds like fun.

I'm looking forward to the two night Monster-Rama at Riverside Drive-In next September.

You and Bob should come visit and join the fun. ;o)

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