Thursday, October 30, 2008


I've been working on this-on and off-for about 3 months-not consistently- as I've slipped several other commissions in between then and now-i was able to do that because the fella that asked for this is an understanding guy-and a friend-but i made him wait too long.

The reasons are not just the delaying of it-sometimes these things hit me from the mention of the idea-and sometimes...not so much.

It wasn't the subject-no sir-COTW is one of my favorite Hammer Films flix-and my fave werewolf flick-i have a plethora of reference as well-nope-this was just one of those pieces that makes me work a little harder-not a bad thing...;o)'s a couple prelims and the final piece-i hope you enjoy it (and i hope the guy feels it was worth the wait...;o)


Craig Zablo said...

Very nice!!

paulhd said...

I second that. One of my (many) fave Hammer films, and you've done it proud.

Anonymous said...

It was well worth the wait my friend.
Absolutely love it.


nvokes said...

thanks all -i appreciate it...;o)

Belle Dee said...

I absolutely love this!