Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dracula my blog...;o)

Some of you may recall this piece i did awhile ago-it was an exercise to get comfy with doing the wash style i love so much- the reason i picked a drawing by Gene Colan (actually a couple pencil scans i found online that I inked over) was that his older Warren magazine stories (among others like Ditko,Frazetta,Craig and Adams) were some of the inspirations that led to me doing this kind of work myself.

I inked it in a brush style-tho brush is not my natural inclination-i need much more practice-because his pencils were so alive that almost ANY inkline would kill it's power.

What led to this particular post is that recently i was asked-among many others- to contribute something to a charity of sorts to help out the Colan family with their many health bills- i felt it would be the least i could do so i took part of the 1st drawing and redrew/inked it as a separate piece for the donation:

There are many artists who influenced me when growing up and it's only been the last few years where i began to realize how very much these gents meant to me-as a fan and as an artist...;o)


Anonymous said...

I've just read and marvelled at the final 20 issues of TOD. The drawing remains tremendous throughout the run and is arguably the finest book graphically that came out of the 1970's from Marvel.

Love your tribute bro'.


dribbs said...

Gene Colan is a tremendous artist. Totally original and has this ability to make the page come alive with his sense of movement.
Recently, upon reaching one of those milestone birthdays, my two sons clubbed together and gave me a page of TOD artwork. Presumable thinking that because I've managed to live so long, I deserved something special.
And something special it is too.
And I must say, you've done Mr Colan proud with those inked pages, Neil

nvokes said...

i am humbled...not easy for me...;o)