Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bits n Pieces: Literary monsters...

Tho I'm a huge fan of the silver screen,i was also raised on books (and both interests did crossover into each other) -my dad always had lotsa books in the house and encouraged my bro and i to read- i was a fan of the more fantastic stuff: horror, sci fi, etc.-but also the classics-as long as there were great villains-Richard the 3rd was my introduction to Shakespeare (an interest my wifey doesn't share but my daughter is learning an appreciation for ) and the memorable Captain Ahab of MOBY DICK is another fave (tho the book is a tough read.)

Which leads us to our entry today.

When i was still in the learning stages of my drawing (actually i still AM learning ;o) i drew LOTS of stuff-mainly story related-but i also got on a literary kick for awhile.

These pieces below represent a short series i had planned of drawing each of my favorite characters in those novels i read growing up.

They aren't particularly good but i thought it might be interesting to see what my older work looked like in comparison-for those who cared...;o)

These were all done from around 1979 to '80-well before my pro career started.

They were primarily done with ball point pen in a kind of cross hatch style-well,the approximation of the style- i didn't know what to do (and not to do) yet (the irony is i now use a ball point pen in a lot of my inkline work-i guess I've come full circle)

I find the process of the learning curve fascinating (and hoped you might) so here ya go...

As you can see lettering would never be a career choice-lol

This one is supposed to be the creature from FRANKENSTEIN but i guess i never added the quotes.

Obviously my dislike of lettering (the world no doubt is grateful ;o) kept me from using quotes on this one either...

I hope you enjoyed that little side trip into literature by way of my past work...;o)