Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Stuff!

The 1st is a cover sketch of THE SKULL ('65-Amicus Films) for the PETER CUSHING ASSOCIATION JOURNAL's 2nd ish.

The fanzine is put out by Chris Gullo, old friend and author of the very cool book, IN ALL SINCERITY, PETER CUSHING (which has some nice little illos by some Volks guy ;o)

The 2nd is for the back cover of the VAN HELSING JOURNAL (formerly THE CUSHING CONFIDENTIAL - once published by Mr. Gullo) published by Harry Long (also one of the fellas behind the new mag SCARLET -formerly SCARLET STREET-which i am also doing a few pieces for)

yup-mine is a small world...;o)


paulhd said...

Small world, full of cool art;)

shane oakley said...

hello, neil. only recently discovered your blog thru a link from pauls, and it's like discovering hidden treasure!
love what you do, and the way that you do it. i'm like a crazed cult preacher when it comes to THE BLACK FOREST - a book every horror hound should read!. looking forward to everything you do. bloody best, shane.

nvokes said...

Shane - it's a pleasure to finally connect- Adrian Salmon and i are fans of your art also- we stumbled on your blog awhile back because of your Ollie Wolf piece- very happy to see you're in the new LSOH with us next ish-i've been doing art for Dickie's rag for...ever...and he's the man, for sure- stay in touch,pal!

dribbs said...

Crackin' stuff Neil.
Like Mr Oakley, been a fan for years.
Wicked west and the black forest sit proudly on my bookcase.And as I've been visiting this treasure trove of glorious art for a few months now, I thought it was about time I'd comment on what a fine artist you are sir.

nvokes said...

I'm rather humbled by all the kind words,friends-we artists tend to work in a vacuum and hearing what people think of what we're up to can be very gratifying-I've always enjoyed going to conventions and getting feedback from the fans-it makes it all worthwhile-thanks...;o)

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