Friday, May 16, 2008

Seattle/ETP trip: Dante style...

Here are a few more pix of the various adventures of our motley crew in the great Northwest:

Below is our "last supper" in Seattle.

for purposes of identification,starting on the left and moving clockwise:

yours truly (I'm either asleep or laughing at something witty someone said)
a friend of John's whose name i forget but he did recommend the Thai restaurant we're eating in so he's A-OK with us
Bob (Wolfy-our fearless leader)
and our host with the most in Seattle, Bryan

Hope you enjoyed the pix!


Ashley said...

Seattle is always a great time!

I just did a piece on Vietnam you might find interesting :)

nvokes said...

HI Ashley!

yes,it was fun-i wish i had more time to explore- I see from your website that you've traveled quite a bit-I'm envious...;o)

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun Neil. Nice to put faces to some of the names I know.

Ron Zoso